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Who wants to be a CHIBY?

2010-07-04 05:29:11 by Boombox277

Hey all, just wondering if you'd like yourself done in CHIBY mode! For an idea of what that is, check my art. Just PM me if you want it done!


2010-06-17 20:01:36 by Boombox277

We have been scouted! Thanks to CloudEater, you may all view the somewhat-dazzling hand-drawings of Rebecca T, mainly based on the misadventures of Poland and Lithuania down there- ENJOY!



2010-05-22 00:18:30 by Boombox277

What does it take to be scouted around here?

Arty and Articulate

2010-05-20 05:28:53 by Boombox277

I'm proud to announce that I will be uploading the art of my friend Rebecca T, who has reluctantly allowed me to post her stuff. I didn't make it, but if you want to heart it, go for it. Have a request? I'll see what I can do.

Hi all,

2009-06-13 06:21:25 by Boombox277

I'd just like to state that I review honestly and openly. I consider myself a critic. I know for a fact that if I posted something, it'd suck. But I'm here to review things, I dissect, praise, and criticise everything I see to my best standard. It's what I do.